Rattlesnake safety for dogs

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Mike Tanaka


With the arrival of hot summer and autumn months, us dog owners eagerly venture outdoors to bask in the warmth and fresh air. 

Rattlesnake head

But other unfavorable creatures that are dangerous to dogs and humans become active as well…


My neighbor’s Rottweiler succumbed to its bite years ago. 

I’ve experienced many close calls on a hiking trail with our Golden Retriever Max and frequent sightings of them around our backyard. 

Like myself, I’m sure most dog owner’s top priority is their dog’s safety. 

So I started to gather as much information from around the web, talking to park rangers and trying out various products to keep safe from these notorious snakes.

I want to share what I learned so you too can take proactive steps to protect yourselves.

Avoid tall grassy areas and brushes 

Snakes love to slither between tall grass and brushes because it protects them from other predators such as hawks and owls.

Also, these types of areas are places where their food source such as rodents often hide.


If you must go through an area close to these types of areas, stay on high alert and try to find a stick or a rock nearby. They both come in handy to shoo the rattlesnakes away in case you encounter one. 

Keep in mind what their rattle sounds like

Rattlesnakes make a distinct rattling sound when threatened. It sounds similar to the buzzing sounds of bees but more high pitched. Learning what they sound like can help you get out the dodge quicker.

This is what they sound like.

Keep the dog leashed

Leashing up dogs outside for rattlesnake safety

Dogs are curious animals and they love to investigate interesting sounds and strange creatures.

And most dog’s will want to get close to a rattlesnake when they see one.

It’s best to keep your dog leashed when outside to pull them away from danger at any moment.

Keep a list of pet hospitals that carry anti-venom for dogs

Call a few pet hospitals nearby and ask if they carry anti-venoms for dogs. Save the location, phone number and open hours where you can access it quickly in case of a bite. 

I personally keep the hospitals saved on Yelp, a note app and have the information printed just in case. 

Tidy up around the house

Similar to how rattlesnakes use grass for protection and food opportunities, dead leaves, piles of branches and other debris attract them. 

Keep your front and backyard tidy to make the snakes go elsewhere to hunt. 

Products to keep rattlesnakes away from your home

When we moved to a new home in the hills 2 years ago, we were shocked by frequent sightings of rattlesnakes in our yards. 

This one day, we had to kill one that was dangerously close to our front door and dogs. 

So this July, we decided to try out snake repellent balls on Amazon with high ratings and reviews.

They are small sized balls similar to golf balls and have a distinct pungent garlicy smell to it. 

Carefully placing them around our yards, we hoped for the best. 

And the result has been absolutely great with zero rattlesnake sightings so far. The company states the balls last around 3 months so we plan to restock soon.

Odor keeps snakes away
Pufado snake repellent

Pufado snake repellent balls



Simply place them around yard

Lasts up to 3 months

Highly effective


Strong smell

In closing, a watchful eye, a bit of knowledge and repellents go a long way in keeping you and your dog protected. Hope you have found this article useful and thank you for visiting!

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