Best Dog car seat cover for 2023

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Mike Tanaka


One common item new dog owners look over is the importance of a dog car seat cover. 

Back in the day, I made the mistake of not getting one until my dog’s nail ripped right through the back leather car seat. 

Fixing the leather seat was costly. From then on, I’ve tried different car seat covers ranging from horrible to awesome. 

Today, I want to share and review a car seat that hit the spot in terms of price point, durability, comfort, and simple initial setup that is also easy to clean.

Protects your car seats from damage
Active Pets dog car seat cover

Active Pets dog car seat cover


Affordable price

Easy set up

Durable high quality material

Active Pets Dog Seat Cover

Dog seat cover by Active Pets is designed by pet owners that understands traveling around with your dog can be a bit hairy. From dog hair all over the car, rips/scratches to pee accidents, they created this car seat cover to address all these issues so let’s go over these one by one.

Price point

Typically dog seat covers price ranges from $20 – $100 dollars. Price for Active Pets Dog Seat Cover sits about right in the middle making it an affordable choice without sacrificing quality.

I’ve gotten a $20 seat cover before and it was just not worth it in my opinion. The buckle fasteners broke within a couple months and also ripped in certain areas. 

Simple initial setup

Another factor I appreciated about Active Pets Dog Seat Cover is how easy it is to set up. All you have to do is loop 4 buckle fasteners around the bottom of the car seat headrest which only takes about a minute. 

Protects your car seat

This car seat cover does an excellent job of protecting your seats from scratches, stains, fluids and other damage caused by claws, dirt, and pet hair.


Active Pets Dog Seat Cover is designed with materials that are comfortable for your dog to sit or lie on during car rides. This can help dogs that have anxiety during car rides because they feel more secure.


I’ve had my Active Pets Dog Seat Cover for over 3 years and it’s still going strong. So far, no issues with broken fasteners, rips or damage to it which makes it the best bang for your buck dog car seat cover out on the market.


These car seat covers have 3 styles to adapt fit your driving situation.

First one is the hammock style, which is when you clip all 4 fasteners to each headrest to create a comfy cradle-like area for your dog. 

Second is the bench style where the cover is clipped only on the 2 back headrest so that a passenger can ride next to their dog. 

And third, you can set it on the trunk floor as a liner for cars such as SUV’s. 

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this seat cover is a breeze because all you have to do is take it off, hose it down with soap and let it dry for a couple hours.

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