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Category rank 2

Premium ingredient, no fillers

100% Humanely Raised Certified

Zero artificial flavors or fillers

Ingredients are traceable back to the source


Limited flavors


Year founded2014
Employees11 – 50
Annual Revenue$2 million +
Monthly visitors271,000 / month
Bounce rate32%
Pages per Visit5
Average Visit Duration3 minutes
Top CountryUnited States 84%, Canada 11%
Audience demographicFemale 65%, Male 35%

As a dog owner that understands how important it is for pets to have proper nutrition for a happy healthy life, making sure that kibble we give them is of the best quality is number one concern.

People often catch me reading the ingredient list on the back of the pet food and taking pictures of it to compare against other brands. In this article, we go over why Open Farm Pet is one of our recommended pet kibble company.

Why it’s great

Open Farm understands that what your pet eats directly affects his overall health and well-being. This is why their food is always made with wild-caught and sustainably sourced fish or humanely raised and antibiotic-free meats with no antibiotics , growth hormones and absolutely no artificial flavors or fillers. 

Certified humane

They only source from verified family farms that meet strict animal welfare standards, and use only exclusive wild-caught fish that are free from antibiotics and artificial feed. This means that all their ingredients such as salmon, pork, lamb, venison, chicken, beef , turkey and whitefish are certified humane. 

Traceable ingredients

Another factor that we love about Open Farm products is that they have a strong commitment to transparent sourcing practices. You can actually track every single ingredient back to its source from the unique lot code on each bag.

Not only does this company provide a healthy and nutritious diet for your dog, knowing that you are doing your part in sustainability of our ecosystem is a great feeling.

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