Carna4 – One of the healthiest pet kibble on the market

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No synthetic vitamins, minerals or amino acids

No meat meal in ingredient

Gently baked to keep more nutrients intact


More pricier than other pet kibble

If you’re looking for one of the healthiest pet kibble on the market, then look no further than Carna4. This unique pet food company stands out for several reasons, some of which include no added synthetics and their unique quick baked / gentle dry process that keeps more animal nutrients intact, resulting in a kibble that is far more healthy to pets.

No synthetics

When you look at most pet food ingredients, you may notice many chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These synthetics are like supplements we humans take and it does not replace real nutrients in actual food. Plus these synthetics are rejected by the body and are passed through in your pet’s waste. 

This is what makes Carna4 pet food different from the rest. Their ingredients have no chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals or amino acids. Plus, did you know that many pet foods have “meal” as their second ingredient?

Meat meal is basically highly heated concentrated powder made from bones and internal organs that are not the best source of nutrients for your pet. Carna4’s ingredients DO NOT have any “meals” in their ingredients, making it one of the most healthiest kibble out on the market.

Take a look at the difference between Carna4 vs another popular pet food company’s ingredients

Quick baked / gentle dried

Many pet food companies use a process called extrusion to create their pet food. Extrusion is a cheap way to use ultra high heat and pressure to cook bone, claw, and other parts of the animal to create a blob of sterile paste. Because of the heat, most nutrients are burned out. This is also why many pet foods add synthetics additives to “add back” nutrients back into the food. 

On the other hand, Carna4 uses a quick bake process to preserve nutrients such as protein, probiotics, vitamins and enzymes. This is why Carna4 kibble does not have to “add back” nutrients and vitamins so they can keep their food synthetic free. 

Carna4 stands out in the pet food industry for its commitment to providing one of the healthiest kibble to pets without sacrificing taste or quality. If you are looking for to ensure your pets health with premium grade kibble, this company’s is the one of the best choice you can make.

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