Trupanion pet insurance review

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Affordable unique per condition deductible plans

Go to any veterinarian of your choice

Per condition deductible

Covers hereditary conditions, unidentified issues and congenital conditions


Doesn't cover exam fees


Year founded2000
Employees1001 – 5000
Annual Revenue$500 million +
Monthly visitors870,000 / month
Bounce rate42.6%
Pages per Visit3
Average Visit Duration3 minutes
Top CountryUnited States 75%
Audience demographicFemale 60%, Male 40%

One of the most difficult decisions pet owners face is how to protect their pets from unexpected medical costs. Over the years, pet insurance has become more popular, giving pet owners peace of mind. Trupanion is a unique pet insurance provider that stands out from the crowd. Here’s why.

Per condition deductible

First, Trupanion is different from other pet insurance because they offer a lifetime per condition deductible. If your pet had 2 separate conditions during their lifetime, you only pay for those 2 deductibles. They provide an excellent explanation page at “common questions” -> “understanding deductibles”.

Freedom to choose any vet

Second, you are free to go to any veterinary hospitals of your choice in the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico while some other pet insurance companies requires you go to their vet network.

Great coverage

Third, they cover hereditary conditions, unidentified issues and congenital conditions. These common conditions are covered: Elbow and hip dysplasia, diabetes, upper respiratory infections, Thyroid disease, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, change in weight, heart disease, nervous system issues, cataracts and liver disease.

In summary, Trupanion is a unique pet insurance provider that stands out from the crowd. With its per condition deductible, freedom to go to any vet and great coverage, Trupanion offers pet owners peace of mind and the confidence that their pet will be protected from unexpected medical costs.

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