Top 3 items to take on a walk to keep you and your dog safe

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Mike Tanaka


Do you worry about you and your dog’s safety during walks?

Walking Max throughout the years, I’ve been in a handful of situations where things got a bit hairy. Off-leash dogs barking and coming up to us in an aggressive manner, group of coyotes sizing us up and an over excited dog breaking his leash from the owner and almost ending up in a dog fight.

These types of situations happen and can quickly escalate, so I’ve learned to take preemptive measures and to take certain items with me while taking Max for a walk.

I’ll be sharing my top 3 safety items that I always carry during walks.


When it comes to ensuring safety during walks, there’s one item that is free and simple to use – a stick. 

You can easily find one along your walk or if you see a small tree with a branch that looks like it can be turned into a stick, break the branch and you’ve got yourself a free stick.

The carrying stick is a great tool to have to shoo away aggressive dogs or wildlife, providing a physical barrier between your dog and potential threats.

Or if you have a dog that needs space or may be reactive to strangers or other dogs, the carrying stick acts as a visible signal to discourage unwanted approaches.

A good stick should be light but sturdy enough to not break easily and be at least 2-3 feet long.

Another option to a simple stick would be trekking poles such as Cascade Mountain Tech Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Trekking Poles.

Being made from aircraft-grade aluminum, these trekking poles are super lightweight and easy to carry. 

They can be collapsed to a compact size for convenient storage and transport, making them an awesome addition for your walks.

Lightweight hiking pole to keep threats away

Cascade Mountain Tech Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Trekking Poles


Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Adjustable height

Air horn

The air horn is another great item that serves a dual purpose for safety.

For one, the loud noise from an air horn will frighten aggressive dogs, people or wildlife so you can prevent attacks or unwanted confrontations from a far.

Two, if you find yourself in an emergency, using an air horn will attract attention from nearby pedestrians or motorists, allowing you to get the help you need.

Dual purpose item for safety



Keep threats away from distance

Attract attention during emergency


One of my favorite items to carry while going on a walk is Strikelight2, a flashlight with a stun gun capability. 

This flashlight features 3 light modes to keep you safe.

  1. 700 lumen light that will temporarily blind and disorient an attacker
  2. Low intense beam that will illuminate your surroundings or to use as a signal for help
  3. Red code light for improved night vision

Additionally, it has a built-in stun gun component with 2 modes to deter or incapacitate attackers.

  1. Arc warning mode emits a loud buzzing noise with flashing blue light to scare threats away
  2. Stun protection mode delivers a non-lethal electric shock to an attacker, temporarily disabling them and giving you an opportunity to escape.

With the StrikeLight2, you can embark on your dog walks with confidence and security. 

Fun, rewarding interactive ball

TASER StrikeLight 2 Rechargeable Self-Defense Flashlight


3 light modes for multiple safety uses

2 taser modes to neutralize threats

Happy and safe walking!

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