Teaching dog fetch with Lotus ball

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Today we’ll be sharing with you a fun, mentally & physically stimulating reward based game you can play with your dog that while also teaching them the fetch command. 

Using a special toy called a “lotus ball”, your dog will learn how to open one for a special treat inside and bring it back to you once their done.

 Let’s dive in!

What are lotus balls?

Lotus balls are balls that have 3 petals that open and close using a velcro lining inside. You can stuff their favorite kibble or other treats inside and close it up so they can use their problem-solving skills to open it for a highly rewarding experience. 

How to get them to bring the lotus ball back to you

The fastest way to get your dog to bring the lotus ball back to you once they are done eating the treat inside is 2 different treats : 

  1. A medium value treat such as their kibble
  2. A high value treat such as small piece of steak or any other treat that they love that they don’t get often

Let’s walk through step by step on how to teach them to bring it back. 

  1. Get yourself a long line and attach it to their collar ( This is so that we can guide them to bring back the ball successfully every time )
  2. Let the dog see that you have 2 different treats ( one medium value and one high value )
  3. Place the medium value treat inside the lotus ball
  4. Throw the ball within the length of your long line
  5. The dog will go after the ball and figure out how to get the treat inside
  6. Once they are done eating the treat, use your “fetch” command to get them to bring the ball back
  7. As soon as they bring it back to you, say “Yes!” and give them the high value treat

If your dog does not bring the ball back on command, you can use your long line to gently pull and guide them toward you. While doing this, remember to let your dog know that they are succeeding by using a “good” marker word. 

We like to chain 2 marker words together “good” and “fetch” while doing this. So we repeat “Good fetch” while they are coming towards us.

Once they bring it back to you, show them that they have earned the high value treat with a huge enthusiastic “Yes!!!” and give them the high value treat.

After a few to several sessions, your dog will understand that they will get the medium value treat when they open the ball and a high value reward is waiting once they bring it back.


So, grab yourself a lotus ball and spend some quality time with your dog, and see the difference it can make in your bond. Your furry best friend will thank you for it!

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