Kitten rides on dogs back during hikes

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Alison Mcdermott


Get ready to be blown away by the heartwarming tale of Samson and Cleo, the dynamic duo that’s taking the world of animal friendships by storm!  If you’re a fan of heart-melting moments, this video is an absolute must-watch.

Meet Samson, the sweet and socially awkward white golden retriever service dog with a heart of gold. He’s the type who prefers the sidelines when other dogs and humans are around, but little did he know that his life was about to change in the most adorable way possible! 

Enter Cleo, the tiny bundle of kitten joy that Samson’s owners brought home. From the moment these two laid eyes on each other, it was like they were destined to be the best of friends. 

Even though Samson is used to being in the background, Cleo’s spunky and curious nature brings him out of his shell in the most heartwarming way.

But that’s not all! The video takes you on their incredible outdoor adventures – hiking trails, exploring forests, and embracing the beauty of nature together. Yet, with her small legs, Cleo often finds herself tired along the journey.

That’s when the magic happens! The owners decide to see if Cleo can cling on to Samson’s back harness and it works. You won’t believe your eyes as Cleo perches atop Samson’s back, taking in the world from a whole new perspective. The bond between them grows stronger with every step, proving that friendship truly knows no bounds – not even those of size or species.

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