Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Outside Sewn Tug with Two Handles review

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Mike Tanaka


Are you searching for the perfect tug toy to engage and bond with your dog? Look no further than the Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Outside Sewn Tug with Two Handles! 

This wonderful tug toy is designed to bring out the play/prey drive of your dog while providing endless hours of fun. 

Let’s explore the numerous benefits why the Julius-K9 Tug is an awesome addition to any dog owner’s collection.

Superior quality and durability

The Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Outside Sewn Tug is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability even during the most enthusiastic play sessions. Made from a combination of sturdy cotton and nylon, this tug toy can withstand the rigorous tugging and chewing that dogs love. The outside stitching enhances the strength of the toy, making it resistant to wear and tear. 

Engaging tug sessions

Interactive play such as tug is crucial for maintaining a healthy and happy bond with your dog. Equipped with two sturdy handles, this tug toy allows you to engage in a game of tug-of-war with your dog. The handles are strategically positioned on the ends of the toy, providing you and your dog with a secure grip for a comfortable and fun experience. 

Versatile design for varied use

Apart from engaging in exciting tug-of-war sessions, you can also use this toy for interactive fetch games. The handles make it easy to fling the toy, allowing your dog to chase after it.

Additionally, the Julius-K9 Tug can be used for obedience training, as it provides a rewarding incentive for your dog to follow commands. You can teach your dog to “leave it” after throwing it and let them get it only when you give them the release command. 


Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Tug opens up a world of possibilities for playtime so get creative and watch your dog’s eyes light up with joy and enthusiasm every time you pull this toy out!

Premium ingredient, no fillers

Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Outside Sewn Tug with Two Handles


Durable and interactive tug toy that brings endless fun for enthusiastic tug loving dogs


Great quality and long lasting

Many play session uses

Can be used as a training tool


Too big for small dogs

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