Best dog breeds of 2023

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We’ve rounded up the best of the best – from big and burly to little and cuddly – to bring you the ultimate list of the best dogs of 2023. Read on to learn more about each breed and what makes them so unique and lovable!

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#1 Best dog breed for service dogs: Labrador retrievers

Best dog breed for service dog - Labrador retrievers
Most popular service dog – Labrador retrievers

Labrador Retrievers have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States for decades, due to their intelligence, loyalty, and affable nature. Labradors make an ideal companion for owners both young and old.

First, Labrador Retrievers are highly intelligent dogs. They were bred to be retrieving things for owners so they can learn commands quickly and are eager to learn – hence why they are top choice for being a service dog around the world. 

They also love to be active, whether that’s running around in the backyard or swimming in the lake. This breed has a keen sense of smell and is known for its impressive tracking skills, making them excellent hunting partners.

In addition to their intelligence, Labradors are incredibly affectionate. They shower you with attention and affection and are always looking for cuddles and belly rubs from their favorite people. 

Another characteristic that makes them popular is that they require minimal grooming, making them a great choice for those with limited time to spend on care.

Labradors are fun-loving, always looking for a new activity or adventure. Whether you’re looking for a companion to join you on jogs or someone to just relax on the couch with, the Labrador Retriever is the perfect pup for you.

Best known forMost popular service dog 
Height22 to 25 inches
Weight55 to 80 pounds
Life expectancy10 to 12 years
Breed groupSporting
Activity LevelHigh

#2 Best dog breed for protection: German shepherds

Best dog breed for guard dogs - German shepherds
Most popular guard dog – German shepherds

German Shepherds have been renowned for their loyalty, intelligence and courageous nature, they are often used as working dogs in the police and military, as well as being popular family pets. 

Naturally bred to work, they are able to pick up commands quickly, are highly alert and protective of their owners and territory. They possess self-confidence and courage, which is why they make such reliable guard dogs. These dogs are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of their owners, and they’re always willing to put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect those they care about.

Though known for their K-9 work, German Shepherds also have a softer side. They’re very devoted to their families and loving with people they trust.

With proper training and socialization, German Shepherds become more than just excellent guard dogs – they become beloved family members as well. 

Best known forMost popular guard dog
Height22 to 26 inches
Weight55 to 90 pounds
Life expectancy7 to 10 years
Breed groupWorking
Activity LevelHigh

#3 Best dog breed for families: Golden retrievers

Best dog breed for families - Golden retriever
Most family friendly – Golden retrievers

Gold retrievers are known for their gentle and loving temperament and their loving “smile”. They are affectionate, enthusiastic and have a kind soul which makes them very tolerant of children and other dogs, making them a great choice for families with young kids as well as first time dog owners. 

This breed is also part of a sporting group that were used by hunters to retrieve birds, which means that they are incredibly active and energetic. They love to play fetch, go on long walks and hikes, and even swim in lakes or rivers. 

After a long day of running around, these dog love nothing more than curling up and getting cozy with you. This breed will melt your heart when they stare at you like you’re the best thing in the world 

Best known forMost family friendly
Height22 to 25 inches
Weight55 to 75 pounds
Life expectancy10 to 12 years
Breed groupWorking
Activity LevelHigh

#4 Most adorable dog breed : French bulldogs

Most adorable dog breed : French bulldogs
Most adorable dog breed – French bulldogs

The adorable, loyal, and loving French bulldogs, or “Frenchie”, has quickly become one of the most sought-after companions in the world. And for good reason: These little dogs bring a lot of personality and charm to the table.

French bulldogs are known for their playful personalities and adorable expressions that are often comical. They have short, muscular legs, an elongated torso, and an “apple-headed” face. Their ears, which are either natural or cropped, stand up from the head, giving French bulldogs a distinctive look. The breed’s signature “bat ears” are one of its most popular physical traits.

French bulldogs are popular for a variety of reasons. For one, they don’t require a lot of exercise and do just fine living in an apartment. They also don’t typically bark a lot, making them great for those who live in places where barking is discouraged. In addition, these dogs are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They are also quite independent and can handle being alone , making them an awesome choice for busy families.

Best known forMost adorable 
Height10 to 14inches
WeightUp to 30 pounds
Life expectancy10 to 12 years
Breed groupNon-sporting
Activity LevelLow

#5 Most popular show dog : Poodles

Most popular show dog - Poodles
Most popular show dog – Poodles

Poodles are one of the most iconic and easily recognizable show dog breeds in the world. They have a very distinct curly and dense coast  that some owners trim in to very stylish look.

Poodles are highly energetic and require daily physical activity such as walking, running or swimming. Due to their fluffy looks, many are surprised that these regal dogs used to fetch fowls from water for hunters and are actually excellent swimmers!

They are exceptionally smart and carry themselves with peculiar dignity. Excelling in obedience, agility and show competitions, Poodles are a wonderful choice for those who are looking for an active pet.

Best known forMost popular show dog
HeightAround 15 inches
Weight40 to 70 pounds
Life expectancy10 to 18 years
Breed groupNon-sporting
Activity LevelVery high

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