Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker Ball – review

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Mike Tanaka


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Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker Ball is our pick for dog ball toy of the year. This ball is extra bouncy which is ideal for playing fetch and its soft spiky texture is extra fun for your dog to gnaw on. This article will introduce you to this fun interactive ball toy that will have your dog begging for more.

Our top pick
Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker Ball

Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker Ball


If you’re looking for a toy that will last and get your dog moving, this ball provides hours and hours of fun. Stimulate their mind with fetch and training activities, let them chew on it to improve dental health.


Fun as fetch toy or chewing for gum massage


Less slobber on ball due to its texture


Squeaker stops squeaking after a bit

Leaving in the sun hardens the ball

Playing fetch with the ball

The ball is very light and bouncy at the same time. This makes it ideal to either chuck it as far as you can for your dog to fetch or throw it upwards and let your dog catch it in the air. Throwing the ball up will cause Max to spin around then he will let it bounce once and finally catch the ball in air which always gets a chuckle from us.

Less slobber due to spiky texture

Another big plus about this ball is its soft spiky texture that keeps dogs slobber on the ball to a minimum. No more dog slobber hands when the dog brings the ball back.

Different ball sizes for all types of dogs

The ball comes in 3 different sizes : 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches. 2.5 inches are a good size for small dogs such as French Bulldogs, while 3.5 inch ball is ideal for medium to large sized dog such as Shepherds and Sheepdogs and 4.5 inch ball is perfect for large/extra large dogs such as Retrievers and Great Danes.

But your dog’s preference to ball size may vary. We tested all the different ball sizes with Max and he prefers the smallest 2.5 inch ball over 3.5 or the 4.5 inch version.


Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker Ball is made from food-grade, BPA-free TPR (thermo-plasticized rubber) material and is soft and safe for all dogs. This makes the ball durable and can withstand most heavy chewers without falling apart. 

Let the good times roll with this wonderfully fun and squeaky toy!


Playing fetch and keep away with friends
Squeaky and so much fun to gnaw on

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